Early Blizzard

Heavy Drifting

Jacks High Point Night

“You never know when a spark which leads to a painting will first appear,” Bonnie Marris says. “I was at an event in California when I saw this amazing horse waiting under the lights on the sidelines. This spectacular horse had a mesmerizing look that I couldn’t take my eyes off, as if he had so much to say. As he swept the awards that night, I learned his name was Jack.

“There’s a kind of magic in making a connection with your subject one-on-one rather than as part of a pack or herd. As an artist, when I see this spark in any animal, I can’t wait to get back into the studio and capture it. The challenge and real reward is passing that connective spark to the collector.”

Lazy Days on the Big Crooked

Lucky Catch

Morning Muses

Artist Bonnie Marris lives on a farm in Michigan with her husband, three horses and two dogs. Collectors of her work will recognize the coloring on this pair of friends, caught early one warm fall morning when Bonnie stepped outside to check on them. Her horses are her muses and she never tires of following the light moving across their backs throughout the day and the way the whites and shadows in their hair change colors.

“I love this painting because it is as much about the relationship between the horses as it is about the lighting at this time of day and the textures in the grass, alongside the ripples in the water. It’s a meditation, a very soothing piece.”

Marris has become a very successful fixture at the annual Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale at the Autry National Center of the American West and 2010 was no exception. Watch future Catalogues for more exceptional offerings from Bonnie Marris.

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Thunder and Dust

The wild plains horses in “Thunder and Dust” are the quintessential example of what makes Bonnie Marris one of the finest wildlife artists working today. Combining passion for her subjects with mastery of color and composition, Marris’ paintings embody the drama and energy of pure wildlife pleasure.

Horses run for the joy of it and the love of their own speed with each horse racing to win. This shows speed as a glowing, powerful feeling, through bold color and bright light.

Tough as Stones

Tough as Stones

Fish Tales

A Day at the Beach

Contemplating a Dragonfly

“This red fox is a favorite subject of mine,” says Bonnie Marris. “I have painted him and his progeny on the creek behind my studio for many years. The fox’s physical brilliance is matched only by the brilliance of his mind. He remains alert and analytical of his surroundings at all times. At this moment he sits, captivated by a dragonfly. Perhaps this is a moment of mutual enchantment.”

His Favorite Spot

Ice Princess

Light Sleeper

Morning Magic

Raven's Path

Sweet Tooth

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